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This page is to submit information so that Westurban can find a team for you- a player that is not already on a Team. If you hit the button below you can submit a players information. Westurban will use this information only to place players. This helps matching players that want to play with teams that need players. We will also start new teams if we have enough players and coaches. Fees will be due once you are placed on a team

2023 Season

Ages Tball thru 14- Teams and players

Registration is open  - you can  submit information  by using the button below for players , for teams you can email to play@westurbanbaseball.com

teams needing players are listed here-https://tinyurl.com/teams-needing-players


!!!! Please use the format-XX/XX/XXXX- the month and date must be 2 digits each and the year must be 4 digits when inputting the date of birth or your players info will not register-example- 02/02/1999

Only Westurban Baseball can see the players information

Before you submit- make sure you enter the players birthdate in the correct format- if not it will not go through

T-ball players- submitt your information here and we will build teams or fill teams as needed