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This site is a sub-section of the Westurban Baseball website and it is used for registration. Here you can register a team, register as a player looking for a team, and register as a umpire for the season. If you are having trouble accsseing the login page or the player submitt information page -copy and paste this link into your browser bar- http://wb.jtddesign.com

If you are trying to Register a Team

  • To register a team you must first come and pay your team fee and sign your committment form to Westurban Baseball in order to receive a Username & Password. That information will be emailed to you
    • Address: 6900 w 13th Wichita Ks 67212-1650
    • Phone: (316) 943-3993
    • Email: play@westurbanbaseball.com
  • After receiving the Username and Password you may go to the Teams Page and create your team.

If you are a New Player or a Returning Player trying to find a Team to play on

  • If you are a player or player's parent/guardian and you are trying to find a Team to play on go to the New Players Page and submit their information
  • Here you will be put on a list that is given to coaches that are looking for players and you will notified when a team is found for you.

If you are looking to be an Umpire

  • If you are looking to be an Umpire go the the Umpire Page and register. This puts you on a list of potential umpires and you will be notified of selection by Westurban and given a Username & Password.
  • This will also be the place where you go and see the schedule of when you need to Umpire and receive you paycheck.

If you are a Player looking for your team page

  • You manager/coach will give you a team number to look up your team. To do this go to the Team Page and enter the number in the search box and click find. It will find you team and send you to that page where you can see schedules and Team information your coach posts out there for you.