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If you are looking for your team's page use the space above to enter the Team Number and find the team.

Managers/Coaches Registering a Team

  1. To register a team you must first come and pay your team fee and sign your committment form to Westurban Baseball in order to receive a Username & Password. That information will be emailed to you
    • Address: 6900 w 13th Wichita KS 67212-1650
    • Phone: (316) 943-3993
    • Email: play@westurbanbaseball.com
  2. When you receive the Username & Password you may login in HERE.
  3. After logging in you can create you team by hitting the blue Create Team button
  4. Here is where you will enter your Team Information ( Team Name, Age Group, Assist. Coaches, etc. )
  5. Once you have created your team next time you log in - your team page will appear each time you log in
  6. Remember the Team Number - You can give this to your players and they can come view your Team Page.
  7. From here you can create your roster ( Note: Only the head coach & Westurban Baseball can view the Roster
  8. You can also add your schedule, edit a Coach's Corner Information, and also add Photos to your Team's Personal Gallery.